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Life of a Shoe Designer

One can not predict how a day will be for a shoe designer. Every day is different for a shoe designer. They face new challenges, new adventures on a regular basis. There are no “normal” days for shoe designers, lucky are those who can say the opposite

The daily routine of any shoe designer depends on many factors. One of these factors includes the size of the firm you work for or working on your own. Second is since how many years or the amount of time the person has been in the industry. If you are working for big brands then you will be getting involved with large design groups focusing on tasks inside your department. If you are working with small brands, then your scope of work will be wider, and you will get different opportunities to work with different departments.

On the other hand, if you are working on your own, then all the responsibilities will be on you, and you will be working with different design-related tasks. When we talk about the time span, if you are new in the industry then there will be days when you will be sitting and sketching shoes. The demand is very high in the market for shoe designers, many designers initially were told to just draw shoes for a week. On the other hand, if you have been in the industry for many years then you will be indulged in meetings with creative teams, brand product managers, organizing new samples, reviewing each shoe design against correction sheets and many more coordinations.

As a shoe designer, you will also have some travel days. Depending on your company you can be given a place in the office or can be a road warrior. As a senior shoe designer , you will be able to visit factories, trade shows, events and interaction with clients via Skype or meeting face to face for working on a problem or celebrating successes

In the Life of shoe designers,You never know what is going to happen, everything is unplanned and adventurous at the same time. We understand the life of shoe designers and we respect all those who are working in the industry putting all their hard work and time.


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