The commitment of Stylex Direct to product innovation and technology is a continuous process and has for many years been pioneering significant improvements in leather footwear in the UK. Stylex Direct footwear is built for comfort and purpose. We research what is needed in quality footwear to perform the best on the job. As a premium shoe dealer, we meet your requirements but also provide the most comfortable solution by doing innovation in shoes.

Place your trust in us and in return, you'll get hand-crafted premium footwear. The company offers trendy salon footwear for women as well as buckled, lined and buttoned boots. There are two distinct styles for men: a formal Oxford line and a casual seam range.

Creativity while doing Shoe Innovation

Creativity is at the heart of all our products. The selection of materials and how they are manufactured are the two main ways that our design teams will affect our product’s environmental footprint. To give some examples: We’ve avoided plastic dependent on oil that helps in reducing carbon emissions. We use products that are thinner and lighter, which means less waste and less coal incorporated. Dry-colored clothing saves energy, chemicals, and waste that helps in making quality shoes. Approaching the challenge of technology from an environmental perspective allows us to make products better for consumers and better for the planet as well.

Our System

Our system has created light and comfortable boots. A lightness stems from the fact that rubber of varying thickness has rendered a sole. Due to an interior lined with organic and soft leather, the shoes gives more comfortable feel.. The OutDry design culminated in a durable and transmittable membrane insulated boots.

Our Shoes Innovation

Our shoes are made of chrome-free leather cured with titanium, which is anti-allergic and biodegradable. It's a form of leather that helps the movement of your foot and repels water and oils. The shoes ' sole has been fitted with non-slip modules, allowing high grip and abrasion resistance and other mechanical damage with innovation in shoes.

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