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How to choose good shoes

It’s a well-known fact that shoes can make or break an outfit. Whether you agree or not, shoes are essential. While shoes are an essential part of your wardrobe, they can be tailored to match the rest of your look, like any dress or accessories. For a shoe enthusiast, it’s somewhat easy to buy shoes but for someone who doesn’t have any interest, it can be a task to choose some good, long-lasting shoes. It’s best to have shoes of all kinds, casual, formal, etc. so you can fit in everywhere.

Here’s our guide to choosing the perfect shoes:

1. Size

Before investing in a stellar pair of shoes it’s important that you are sure about your foot size. Since sizes differ across brands, it’s best to try shoes and walk a bit in them so you can ascertain what the right size for you is.

2. Quality Over Quantity 

It’s better to have shoes that are of high-quality. Whether it’s casual shoes for men or formal shoes, you can always upgrade in quality and buy less. Shoes of the right quality require a little extra care which pays off since they last for years. For example, genuine leather is always a much better option for your feet than fake or processed leather.

3. Pick A Convenient Style

Most of us get carried away with trends. When sale season begins, we tend to purchase something that is trendy but later regret it. Just for the sake of elegance, a lot of shoes forego comfort. While buying shoes you must always find a middle ground between trend and comfort. Innovation in shoes is a focus of multiple manufacturers, which is why you can always find your style.

4. Select Shoes According to Your Wardrobe

Each person has their own sense of style. Look for a pair of shoes that are trendy but at the same time comfortable and match your wardrobe. Shoes must always be chosen according to the colors and tones in one’s wardrobe. Some basic colors you should have in your wardrobe are black, navy and brown. If you’re someone who likes vibrant colors then you can invest in sneakers in various colors.


Investing in shoes that lend an edge to your outfit is always a good idea. Having a variety of shoes in different styles will keep your wardrobe fresh. We hope you follow our guide and get the perfect shoes!


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