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How to identify genuine leather shoes?

So you are planning to buy leather shoes. You search online and there are many brands that claim they create real leather shoes, and all of them are having the high price. After seeing that you’ll begin scratching your head, and one question will be in your mind — that whose leather shoes are literally genuine, as the label on the shoes has ‘genuine leather’ printed on it, is not enough to justify the genuine leather?

If the same case has happened to you, then you are on the right page, you will definitely get a solution after reading this, So check the below points to identify genuine leather and enjoy shopping.

1)  Observe closely

Have a closer look at the shoe, as real leather is basically made from the skin of animals. The real leather is uneven and has little imperfect patterns here and there. However, fake leather has uniform pores with a flawless texture that makes all the difference.

2)  Touch it

if you put your hand on genuine leather shoes, after some time it will warm from the heat of your hands and will start to give off heat, no change of heat will not occur, on artificial shoes

3)  Check their weights

 Weights are very important factor while buying genuine leather shoe, it helps in understanding the difference between real and fake leather shoes. Pure Leather shoes generally weigh heavier than non-genuine shoes.

4)  Don't shy to Smell

 If you have worn genuine leather in the past, you may be familiar with the typical leather scent. Leather shoes have a characteristic smell that can’t be paralleled by any other shoes irrespective of the number of chemicals used

5)  The ‘Fire’ test

This test should be carefully performed, this is the easiest way. Take your shoes closer to a flame. If it loses its shape, it is not genuine leather. Real leather will never deform under fire.

6)  The ‘Saliva’ test

Saliva Test is also an important factor while checking the genuine leather shoe, to check this you have to rub little saliva on your shoe; the real leather will absorb the saliva as it is absorbent in nature whereas the faux leather will not.


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