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Guide for Loafers

Loafer shoes are one of those classic shoes which in a real sense stands the test of time as these shoes are also worn in the past. The reason being, it’s having almost the same design, with a little or no change as compared to the time when loafers originated.

There are many designs available in the market for men and women and is regarded as one of the top casual shoes. Loafers are said not only have stylish look, but they’re also super comfortable

What are Loafer shoes?

Loafer shoes are generally thought of as some common casual shoes, having low heal, lace-free shoes, which were first seen to be worn by royal families during the summertime. Loafers are very much similar in shape, compared to moccasins and are generally leather made.

Loafers were also called as Penny Loafers. There are also many theories related to this penny loafer’s name, the term nowadays has vanished somewhere and no one is using the term. Out of all the theories, one theory is that in 1930s, to make some emergency calls, pennies were secretly kept in the shoe’s diamond slit, while in the 1950s pennies was considered as serving good luck and good fashion sense, and it was kept again in the diamond slit. 

How to wear loafers?

with or without socks.

One question that is commonly put up by many people is how to wear a loafer, with socks or without socks?

The simple answer to this question is, it totally depends on your mood, as the total appeal of loafers depends on the outfit you are wearing. Our suggestion is, generally, we suggest everyone to wear socks with loafer if it’s a winter season and there is too much cold outside or let your feet enjoy and be comfortable in the summer season without the socks.

However, if you know the right combination than pairing can make a world of difference to the overall look. Some important outfits that go with the loafers, to maximize your real look, one should always wear trousers fitted around the ankle area without socks, or if you want to wear jeans than wear chinos, skinny jeans, it helps in giving the desired effects.  

On the other hand, wearing socks can also help you in making a bold fashion statement to your friends. Fancy ankle shoes can give the festival look a girly twist. As it’s said people learn while doing experimenting, we suggest all to play around the outfits, as to what combination of loafer is working with which dress wear on you and what doesn’t suit you at all, have fun while mixing things up.


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