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Different Types Of Shoe Soles

Yes, you heard it right, there are different types of shoe sole available. Many peoples are not aware of that, not to worry, this blog will help you in identifying different types of shoe sole that is also known as Outsole.

The outsole is the part that comes directly in contact with the ground and the outsole materials include rubber, leather and lots of other varieties of material. Let’s explore different types of soles.

1) Leather Soles

Leather soles are very common and popular sole type. People are having misconceptions about this type of soles, as hard and uncomfortable. But in fact, leather soles can be mold and shaped according to the structure of the foot.  

These are preferred in summer because of the sole’s breathable property.

2) Rubber Soles

Rubber soles are very flexible, so no stiff feelings are felt even if the shoes are hand welted. These soles are having more shock absorption, the benefit of this is the person who is wearing the shoe doesn’t feel any type of hardness. The Rubber soles are more common in comparison with any other leather. Rubber soles have a good lifespan but if ended then it can not be replaced.

3) Commando soles

Commando sole has a rubber sole which helps in increasing grip in slippery conditions. These types of soles provide weather resistance. On the bottom of these type of shoes, there are protrude, that are called as lugs, that gives extra support to the shoes in different uneven conditions.

4) Cork Soles

Cork is a material, that is commonly used in bulletin boards and in different other kinds of stuff. Cork outsoles help in increased durability. Cork is having a material that also helps in odour resistance and reliving different types of pains associated with joints and ankle. Cork is a very lightweight and flexible material that is easy to work with.


These were the most common soles, that is being used worldwide. Irrespective of using any type of soles, the main thing to check is that sole is comfortable, flexible and at the same time easy to wear.


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